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Alan Eastman, DCH, Ph.D.:

Pleaser allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Alan Eastman Ph.D. I am a Bachelor of Arts degree holder in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts degree holder in Geography, I hold a Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology specializing in mental health therapy, and I have earned the DCH: Doctorate Degree Holder in Clinical Hypnotherapy, from the American institute of Hypnotherapy in 1997.

I am a doctoral degree holder in Psychology. I am registered with Psychologists Association of Alberta as a Psychological Assistant, as a member of the PAA, though this does not constitute a liscense of registration, as the PAA is a membership organization only (current member). I am interested in most of the social sciences; specifically: counseling, mental health therapy, psychology, crisis services, counseling psychology and also hypnotherapy. I have a strong educational background that will allow my students to use my well designed programs to help them reach their educational goals as I have.

Included with the strong educational background I  also have strong practical experience working with the Alberta Mental Health Board in the Alberta Hospital Ponoka then transferring to the Regional Mental Health Services Community Crisis Response Team, working in psychology evaluations and on-site mental health interventions, I have worked on-call for over 6000 hours and have over 350 hours of face to face crisis response evaluations, counseling, and interventions with Regional Mental Health Services and the David Thompson Health Region.

I received my 10 year special commendation award from Alberta Mental Health in 2003. As a part of my Masters Degree I completed 250 hours of supervised clinical counseling psychology, evaluations, psychological testing, and report writing. I and the clinical director of, and continue to run a very busy clinical counseling and hypnotherapy practice called The Excel Center in Red Deer, Alberta. I have acted as a counselor and clinical hypnotherapist in my own clinic for over 8 years and have turned the Excel Center into one of the most successful clinical private practice in Central Alberta. I have worked privately with well over 1600 clients to date. I have a staff of three other counselors and hypnotherapists who do and will keep the Excel Center open and vibrant, and new Calgary location is ready.

I am always seeking opportunities to expand my horizons and experience in the adult psychology area. I have experience in business, leadership, marketing, psychology, counseling, testing, psychological report writing and am an author of two published books on psychology and anxiety and depression disorders, and one book called Psychological First Aid. I am a life long learner also, and love to experience new areas to expand my practical knowledge and face to face counseling with clients and students alike.

Practically, I am versed in group therapy, couples, marriage and family counseling, client centered therapy, hypnotherapy, brief solution focused therapy, treatments for anxiety, fears, phobias, and depression to name a few ., or 1 403 347-9019, or 1-888-686-6163. 403-347-7375.

In addition to his private practice, Alan currently teaches classes on personal development, meditation, mental coaching. Alan works with clients for issues like: healing the past, depression, anxiety, phobias, healthy sleep patterns, improving memory, stage fright, learning problems, improving grades, improving athletic ability, and so much more.

Alan Eastman received his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy in 1997, and since then has continued to expand his client base as well as his Hypnotherapy Training College, and also the Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute.
Besides authoring a series of scripts specifically for individuals and families in today's world, Alan is the President and Dean of the Metaphysical and Clinical Hypnotherapy Department at TDLI,, where students may earn their Deploma in the hypnotherapy field. He writes articles for various publications & is the Author of two books one published in the USA and one published in Canada.

Alan Eastman is also the President of The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy, and a member of a number of Hypnotherapy Boards:  The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, USA; and The International Hypnosis Federation, USA, to name just a few.

Quick Facts:

Alan R. Eastman, B.A. Psych, M.A. Psych, D.C.H. Hypnotherapy.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Calgary, Canada.
Bachelor of Arts in Geography – University of Calgary, Canada.
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology – City University, Washington, U.S.A.
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy , American Institute of Hypnotherapy, CA, U.S.A.
Ph.D.(candidate) in Clinical Hypnotherapy, via The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards.
Registered with Psychological Assocation of alberta. Membership current.
Mental Health Therapist, Counselor , and Psychiatric Assessor and Evaluator .
Maintains Full  Professional Liability Insurance. (AB)






Dr. A.M Krasner Ph.D.:

A.M Krasner, Ph.D. is and was the founder and director of the American Institute for Hypnotherapy, formerly located in Irvine, California, USA. An innovator in the hypnotherapy profession, Dr. Krasner began his private practice in Rhode Island over 50 years ago. He moved to Southern California in the late 1970's where he again set up a large private practice. During those years of helping clients make behavioral changes, he developed his highly effective hypnotherapeutic methods that have beecome the standard for many therapy centers around the country and around the world. As the need for more hypnotherapists grew, Dr. Krasner founded the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1981, to teach his spectacular and easy to use methods to many others. Since then, he has taught thousands of students from all over the world to help other people, using his unique hypnosis techniques. Dr. Krasner is the author of the main hypnotherapy text "The Wizard Within". ISBN #: 1-931116-03-2.






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