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The TRAFALGAR DISTANCE LEARNING INSTITUTE is a NON- PROFIT CHARITABLE INSTITUTE; we rely on our charter of incorporation, the Bylaws set forth by the Board of Governors, and Bylaws submission approval by the Government of Alberta to operate as a non-profit charitable institution. As such, our standards are high, our policies are strict, and are graduates are directed by our President, Board of Governors, and President, Dean, and CEO: Doctor Alan Eastman, Ph.D. This statement sets forth our directive, produce the highest set of standards and the best courses. We herby set forth to produce the highest academically educated graduates, and increase and heighten our professions we wish to enhance.

TDLI relies on our strict code of ethics and standards and principles, as stated in this document, and in all our course syllabus, and course study guides, all papers are to be and are submitted in APA (American Psychological Association) formatting style. We do not deviate from our high standards and will not graduate students who do not meet the highest of standards as set forth by Alan Eastman DCH. Our minimum passing grade on any course work, test, or submission is 70%, and after that each course is tallied as a whole and graded as a pass or fail for each course the student is enrolled in, this procedure is explained in this document and in each course syllabus sent to each student with each course.

TDLI, has a working charter set of documents which regulate its activity, which is determined by the board, this document is submitted to the Alberta Government and is on file, as well as our business number, and non-profit Charitable Institute status number. This is our general set of TDLI By-laws by which we operate. The board regulates our activities and decides on our course of actions to take to direct the TDLI to be one of the most ethical and advanced provider of Distance Learning materials, degrees, and diplomas you can not receive at any other institute, and certainly not with our impeccable standards. At TDLI you work for your education, and you learn, and in doing so you get the recognition you deserve upon completion of your chosen academic field.

To sum, everything up, all accreditation is voluntary. A school may sign up or become accredited to adhere to a set of policies set fourth by the accreditation board, this does not mean that all schools or colleges, are regulated, or do adhere to these policies. The Above passages generally are only relevant in the USA, but it does provide a good explanation of what accreditation is and whether it is needed for you, and your learning institute of choice. We offer non-traditional, you might say programs that do not fit neatly in a box, programs, they are however legal, interesting and well worth your time, in my opinion. The courses at the TDLI are generally offered for professions which are fully legal to practice, however they are mostly legal self-regulated professions, meaning that they do not fall under the governments control or authorization in most Provinces, States, or Countries.

You may need to do some research on your own to determine your needs for yourself. We advocate self study for the helping professions, and we know that the new economy requires that one can not always get up leave their life for 4 to 5 years to pursue a degree on a large public campus setting. You have a life, a family, perhaps looking for personal education, or a career change, and that is where Doctor Alan Eastman and the Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute can help you make this transition.

I hope you choose us for your new learning experience and journey. 

Alan Eastman DCH and the board have set forth a course to be one of the largest and best providers in our charter academic specialties, specifically these being: Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Professional Hypnotherapist Diploma, Bachelor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy. As well, we have many other options in the counselling field, metaphysical clinical hypnotherapy field; Psychological First Aid Certification, and certification and diplomas in Brief Solution Focused Therapy, to name a few.

We welcome you to Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute. We are here to help you learn!


Alan Eastman Ph.D.

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