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All students over the age of 18 are and will be considered adult students and will be eligible for any program they qualify for. Each program in our catalogue is a prerequisite for the next, and must be taken in sequence, as listed in the prospectus.

Each  program and list of courses must be taken in the order and time frame specified, to remain a student in good standing.

Admission requirements are as such, 18 or over, eligible for the appropriate program as selected by the student advisor, and all tuitions paid up to date and on time. Failure to meet these requirements will lead to student disqualification and expulsion.


How to enroll:

Chose the course program(s) you would like to enroll in.  Registration is accepted on a year round basis.

Call today to talk to a program advisor: 1 403 347 9019, 1 888 686 6163, or 1 403 454 2887. Email: or

Fax completed (should link this to application form)application forms to: 1 403 342 0137 or 1 403 770 8210 (24hr fax)

Application Fee and Fast Track Application Fee:

Make sure your applications are complete, and include your non-refundable $250 CDN Dollar Deposit.

Due to overwhelming response to our programs, if you would like your application to be fast tracked, please include a $250 CDN Dollar Fast Track fee, your application and other information and registration will be fast tract to the top of the submissions file.


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