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The Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute will provide written verification of your enrolment status should you desire us to do so. This certification may be mailed, faxed, or couriered to you, or to a third party on your behalf. A $75 CDN letter charge will apply, plus postage and or shipping if couriered. You may pay by calling 1 888 686 6163. Your letter will be sent once you complete the information below and send it to TDLI.

The enrolment will display the students enrolment history and other relevant history and information. Please check all the information you would like to have included in your official letter.

Current and past registration status: ________

Start and end dates of each term: ____________

Expected grad date: ___________

GPA and or PASS FAIL Status: _________

2. Please indicate complete name and address and or fax number where you want the certification letter to be sent.

Student Signature: ___________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

Student Services Advisor: ___________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________


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