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Steps to Complete your Application to the Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute:

1. How to Apply:

Students are asked to complete the application for admission form and send it in to the Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute for approval. (Link to Applications page.)

2.  Application Fee:

Application fee is $100 for domestic students and must be sent and or approved along with the application form.

Application fee is $200 for International students and must be sent along with your application or approved by telephone by our student services center at the time of your application.

All funds submitted must be in Canadian Dollars.

3.  When to Apply:

As most programs begin to fill up quickly on a seasonal basis, it is best to apply as soon as you find the program that best suits your needs. To help in your successful application we have a year round 365 days per year revolving enrolment procedure in place. Admission to a program is determined by the first come, best qualified, and first served basis. Selection to your program will not begin unless all required documentation, application completed in full, and dues are paid for. At this time only will your selection and application be deemed complete, and then you will be admitted to your chosen program.

4.  Admission Requirements:

All applicants 18 and above are considered adult learners and will be granted admission based on that premise. As soon as your application is complete and your file complete, you will be admitted to your program of study, and notified at first verbally or by e-mail, then an official letter (sent registered priority post) effectively welcoming you to your program of study.

5.  Transcripts:

Official transcripts are original academic documents from the Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute. Official TDLI documents bear the seal of the TDLI and signature of an official at the Institute or agency, and are mailed directly to the student at their request, or the receiving institution in a sealed envelope, priority, registered mail, by the Office of the Registrar, of the Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute.

6.  Other Important Information:

Transfer Credit – Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Plan (PLARP): Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute, TDLI, recognizes applicants with equivalent coursework completed at other institutions, or recognized post secondary institutions, colleges, and or universities, or with substantial or equivalent and or relevant life experience or work experience. Transfer credit applications and information on completing a PLARP assessment are made available through your student services advisor, through the Registrars Office.

While your course work, life, and or work experience may qualify you for advanced standing the student must still enrol and complete the payment of tuition for said courses and semester fees. However, the work, and academic requirements of the courses offered may be waived for the particular student. Each student is granted approval through their student advisor, and the final decision is made by the president of the Institute, or direct representative thereof.

Any further questions regarding advanced standing, application, and registration must be made through your student advisor and the registrar’s office.

Contact: or call:
1 403 347 9019 or 1 888 686 6163.


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