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I am  Alan Eastman, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Doctor of Clinical Psychology. Our institute has arisen out of a desire to change, to change, the way people learn, think, see, touch, experience, do, and learn. Our courses and programs are those that do not always fit neatly into a box or easy category.

We have set fourth a goal to help those students wishing to learn aspects of the arts and science of the new age, healing, mind, body, and soul with their mission. We are here to help you accomplish your goals. We have set fourth a comprehensive program that explores the art and science of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Clinical Hypnotherapy, the Social Sciences, New  Age Curriculum, the Arts, Humanities, Psychology, and this is just to name a few. We have broadened our sites and vision on a world wide campus based in Alberta Canada, which will allow domestic and international students alike to enjoy the benefits of a top class international educational system.

We live in changing times. Our times, our economy, our system, our jobs require constant monitoring, updating and upgrading. We have designed a system that you can acquire an entire new profession in your own time at your own speed, in your own home or office space. Changing times require changing learning environments and systems.

Our health systems require updating, and new systems of treatment that put the consumer first, not last. We stand on the front line of that training system. Whether you wish to add to your skill base, add to your present private practice, or wish to enter a new career we can provide the knowledge, application, and academics you need to succeed in this ever changing health delivery system. More and more, everyday, people, consumers, are looking for alternative and complementary care. We will promise you that you receive the highest of educational standards to meet the challenges of today, and tomorrows changing complementary health care climate.

Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute offers unique ways to learn and continue your learning, whatever your interest, we are diverse, and offer learning opportunities to all who are interested. Though our Non Profit Charitable Institute status we are also able to help students with Awards, Grants, and Scholarships when needed and applied for. Our flexible campus study programs offer you the opportunity to talk to student advisors personally who can help you make the best decisions for your future career choices.

Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute offers on-line learning and learning via priority mail and courier systems, making you’re learning even faster. You may choose to learn on a part time basis or a full time basis, the choice is yours, the speed you achieve your goal is yours to set. Our diploma  advisors are available to you at anytime and will work hard to help you achieve your success. Your Success means our success!

We offer two teams of well trained staff to help you along your chosen journey. We are presently located in Red Deer and Calgary, Alberta, Canada; providing two outlets offers more convenience, speed, and flexibility. Our programs our very innovative, well thought out, and very academic. No matter what program you chose you will be well versed in your chosen field that is my promise to you, you will be a well trained academic professional upon your graduation.

My task for you is to make a well informed decision, talk to our advisors, take a positive step forward to creating the positive future you deserve and make a difference in people’s lives.

With true sincerity,

Doctor Alan Eastman, MA, DCH, Ph.D.
October 30, 2009.

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