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Certificate Programs:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki Crystal Reiki
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Psychic Development
  • Counselling Skills

Diploma Programs:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy


Associate  Programs:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy


  Programs in Metaphysics 

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy


Master Program:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy


Doctor of Philosophy in Hypnotherapy:

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Chancellorship in Philosophy in Hypnotherapy
  • Ph.C. in Clinical Hypnotherapy


On-Campus Courses in Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Master
  • Advanced Master
  • Stage Hypnotist
  • Instructor
  • Business of Hypnosis


Distance and Off-Campus Courses:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Master
  • Advanced Master
  • Stage Hypnotist
  • Instructor
  • Business of Hypnosis


Additional Courses:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • The Science of Attracting Money
  • Successful Relationships
  • Business Success
  • Esoteric Psychology


Continuing Education for Corporations:

Do you wish to learn and your time is restricted due to job requirements, family, social commitments, etc? TDLI can provide high quality informational products to you individually or your corporation. We can help you upgrade your work related skills, earn your certificate or diploma on your own time and terms.


Customized Training for Companies, Groups, Corporations and Societies:

Do you need specialised training sessions for you, your group, or company?  Self development, industrial and motivational psychology, life and corporate skills and self designed programs are available to be developed by  Alan Eastman to work with your needs to deliver what you require and enhance your entire skill set. See our section on WORKSHOPS for more information, select one, and call or submit an application, a training date and time, and we can design the program especially for you.


Available courses certificates, professional diplomas, advanced professional diplomas in basic to instructors level hypnosis:

 Dr. Alan Eastman

    Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute

College of Hypnotherapy Studies

203 - 4909  B  48 Street

Red Deer Alberta Canada

T4N 1S8


  Introducing: a new affordable monthly tuition rate now available $500.00 per month.  

Hypnosis and Complementary Arts and Sciences Course.

Investment:The full course prices are listed below are the prices one would pay for on-campus accelerated college diploma courses. Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute provides a flexible alternative, one our students like very much, as it affords greater flexibility to work at your own pace. Fees, registration, and application charges are extra; again however; Trafalgar Distance Institutes Charges only $ 500 CDN or US Dollars per month to be paid on or before the first of each and every month. We feel this is a motivating factor, allowing you to study, while working, and is more desireable than paying thousands of dollars up front per course, or accumulating high levels of debt with student loans.

Bronze Level Studies:






2. Basic - Advanced Course �Distance Learning,$1500.00. includes:Text Books, Study Guides. Starter Kit  Includes,  CD Packages   Weight Loss, Stop Smoking,  Eliminate Stress, Anxiety,Panic Attacks & Depression. & Pain Control.



3. Basic  -  Master Hypnotist � Distance Learning  program�: $2000.00. Includes:Text Books & Study Guides. Starter Kit, includes CD packages, Weight Loss,Stop Smoking,  Eliminate Stress, Anxiety,Panic Attacks, Depression & Pain control


4. Basic - Advanced Master Hypnosis Course. $2500.00 Distance Learning, Includes:Text Books & Study Guides. Starter Kit  includes: Secret Script Binder, Marketing Binder, CD packages for Stop Smoking, Weight Releasement, Pain Control, Eliminating Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & Panic Attacks. Personalized help via phone, email 


 We are proud of this website which is the focal point to our business. I welcome you to explore our website and to note which services best meet your needs. Of course, if you are in need of further information at any time in regards to Hypnosis Certification Training, Hypnosis Audio Products, Personal Counseling, or Individualized Hypnosis Sessions you are welcome to contact us at your convenience at: 403 347 9019 or e mail

For courses and dates click on left menu:Training dates. 

Course information, material, Time, Dates, Prices, Locations and instructor allocation are subject to change without notice.

Check current prices before registering.

Please note: 

Students are responsible for travel costs, accomodation, transport to and from place of instruction.

Students succesfully completing the courses listed will receive a certificate suitable for framing. The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy offers membership free for one year (one only) which includes your information on our Hypnotist finder. A world wide referral agency. People in need of a therapist are able to access the hypnotist finder, to find a therapist in their area. 
The information is located at click on hypnotist finder.


1.  On Campus Basic Hypnotherapist Certification Training Course, 2 day, On-Campus: $1000.00  Includes:Text book, Study Guide & personalized instruction via telephone or E mail when required to solve a problem. Starter kit ,Includes Script Binder,Marketing Binder,and CD packages. This course is our entry-level course.  It is offered to those who wish to learn more about hypnosis over a 2 day course.  This Certification level takes you through the steps of hypnosis and you will have a chance to experience practicing hypnosis.

 There will be demonstrations, lots of time for practicing the techniques you have been taught.  Graduates of this course will earn the title of Certified Hypnotherapist.,CHT.  The study guide can be completed at home after the on campus course.  You will receive a credit of 50 hours of training which can be applied to other courses.  If you take our course we will apply your tuition as a credit towards other courses you take with us in the future.  The basic course is a fun and interesting learning environment.  One week is given to complete the review after the on campus portion is completed.





    Phone 403- 347- 9019  or 1- 888 -686 -6163

Course Content:
Formulation suggestions Clinical Hypnotherapy as a profession. The Krazner Method of Hypnotherapy



The phenomena of hypnosis, Self hypnosis, Practice sessions with clients

Curriculum also includes the following: Suggestibility testing, Hypnotic rules of the mind, role of the



hypnotic mind, Role of the subconscious mind



Pre induction interview, establishing client goals, Classic induction techniques, disguised induction

 techniques, Instant rapid and confusion techniques, trance deepening, ethics and legalities



Measuring responsivness and trance depth, Trance management, dealing with and over coming resistance



Structuring successful positive resistance, developing hypnotic rapport ,Teaching self hypnosis



methods for easily obtaining deep hypnosis, overview of hypnotic regression techniques,



advanced induction techniques. advanced rapid and instant inductions. phobia removal,



pain control techniques, emergency hypnosis, marketing techniques, relevant vidoes,



quick induction, hands on training and practice with your fellow students and/or instructors,



hypnosis questions and answers. These topics may/may not be taught in listed order



and are subject to change without notice,



Help is available to students or graduates on our hypnosis help line.

 phone 403-347-9019 or 1-888-868-6163 or e mail






All questions and comments may be directed to The Excel Center: Hypnotherapy Training College. 1-888-686-6163, or (403) 347-9019 or email




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