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Information for Prospective Students

Request for Information Kits:

A copy of our institutes perspective, and course catalogue is available upon request. Request a full course information package simply by calling our student service center in Red Deer at 1 403 347 9019, 1 888 686 6163, or in Calgary at 1 403 347 7375.  Please email our student center  at  Should you receive a message, please leave your full contact information and our advisors will send out an information kit and registration package Priority Post to you.


Student Services:

As a Distance Learning Institution, formal student services such as disability services, career, and employment services are the responsibility of each student to seek out any enhancements needed for their success in this program and at this institution.  Counselling and specialized services that may benefit the student through their time at our institution are at the sole discretion of the student to seek out and pay for.

During On-Campus Seminars: All expenses, such as travel, food, and lodgings, become and are the responsibility of each student.

Financial Aid:

You may qualify for funding for certificate, diploma, college, and university degree programs through your local provincial and state funding sources. Most banks have low interest rate loan offers for persons returning to school for continuing eduation.  Military and Veteran Affairs have a series of scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. We can not guarantee that you will be successful in obtaining this financial aid, but it certainly is helpful to inquire what resources are available to you in your country, state,  or province.

In Alberta, Canada, some possible options include but are not limited to:

  • Alberta Works Grant Funding – Alberta Employment and Immigration
  • Alberta Sponsored Federal and Provincial Student Loans, Grants, and Bursaries
  • Student Line of Credit – Available at Most financial Institutions
  • First Nation – Inuit Post Secondary Support
  • Métis Post Secondary Support
  • Company Sponsorship
  • WCB (if WCB Claim Established)
  • Employment Insurance

There are many financial and loan services for students. You will need to seek out the services available in your region.  Trafalgar Distance Learning Institute is a private post secondary non-profit charitable institution.



Scholarships and Bursaries:

All forms for awards, scholarships, bursaries, low interest loans, and convenient payment plans, are available upon request from Student Service Advisors. A request form must be filled out for approval, and a request will and can only be granted on an as needed basis with a properly filled out grant or application form, and approval granted on the recommendation of the president, the president of the board of governors, or a majority vote of the sitting board of governors.

Scholarships are awarded primarily for students demonstrating outstanding achievement. Busariaries are intended primarily for students demonstrating financial need. There are two types of award systems in place: application and nomination through our board of directors, and through personal application.

More information can be found in the forms section of or by contacting TDLI by toll free at calling 1 888 686 6163.



All communication between the TDLI and the student remains strictly confidential. All college communications sent by email are subject to the access and privacy provisions of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protections of Privacy Act.  There are no exceptions allowed.


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